North Fork Art Collective


The North Fork Art Collective is an ever-changing, community driven creative entity for working artists to collaborate and grow together. We aim to encourage artists of all mediums, ages, skill/career levels to foster positive growth through the arts in our community. We hope to utilize our creative gifts to bring forth new collaborative projects and ideas into reality. We will host pop-up classes and further the development of younger talent in the community as well as build relationships to promote environmental awareness through the arts.

The idea for the Collective was brewing for many years prior to it's first physical space. August of 2017 the Collective took shape and "popped-up" in an unused storefront in downtown Greenport, NY. A group of local emerging artists in efforts to bring together the creative community of the North Fork of Long Island and beyond jumped head first into this endevour. In 2018 the Collective occupied a storefront in downtown greenport with both emerging & established artists and continued to grow a community of artists and patrons.

The incredible connections and opportunities the Collective provided it’s artists have helped to propel careers, provided new representation, inspired new ideas and created new unique experiences for our individual members. We decided that a brick-and-mortar doesn’t fit the fast-pace creative lifestyle of our artists. This season we will be hosting Pop-Up Art shows throughout the north and south forks. Some of our 2019 community sponsors & partners include: Borghese Vineyard, VSOP Gallery, Bruce & Son, Little Creek Oysters, Channing Daughters Winery, The Winemaker’s Studio, Mattitaco, Peconic Cellar Door, Port of Egypt, Cuttica Art Estate, Greenhill Kitchen, Southampton Arts Center & more.

The Collective will continue to host it’s Palette to Palate dinner series at Bruce & Son with Chef Scott Bollman, with guest curators & collective members. If you are interested in reserving a spot please email: - WE HAVE A WAITING LIST so GET ON IT!

Some of our past annual members, (Cindy Pease Roe, Chris Hamilton & Kara Hoblin) have come together and will be showing new work all season at Cindy Pease Roe Studio & Gallery located at 190 Sterling St. Greenport NY (located in Hanffs boatyard). Open Saturdays, by appointment and for Gallery walk dates.

The past annual Collective members include founder and manager Kara Hoblin (chalk artist), photographer Jeremy Garretson, environmental artist Cindy Pease Roe, draftswoman Kelly Franké, multimedia artist Peter Treiber, photographer Madison Fender, painter Emma Ballou, multimedia artist Scott Bluedorn, photographer Dennis Chalkin, Photographer and fisherman Chris Hamilton, Painter Verona Peñalba, and multimedia artist Dalton Portella. Check out our ARTIST MEMBERS page for all current artists.


The original members (from left to right) Scott Bluedorn, Peter Treiber, Kara Hoblin, Jeremy Garretson, Madison Fender, Kelly Franke, Emma Ballou, August 2017

The original members (from left to right) Scott Bluedorn, Peter Treiber, Kara Hoblin, Jeremy Garretson, Madison Fender, Kelly Franke, Emma Ballou, August 2017